4 Effective Interview Tips to Land the Job

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You finally received an invitation for a job interview. Now what? Interviewing is your time to showcase your greatest strengths and abilities. Luckily, there are several methods you can practice to make your experience shine.


A job interview is a two-way street. You are trying to sell yourself to the company, but they are also interviewing you to see if you’re the right fit. Interviewing can be daunting, especially with the national unemployment rate hovering at 3.6 percent. However, with a little preparation, you can set yourself up for success in four easy steps.

Why Preparing for an Interview is Important

Preparing for a job interview may feel like a full-time job in itself. After all, you want to make an excellent first impression. You’ll want to learn as much as possible about your potential employer and the specifics surrounding the position you’re interviewing for. To prepare, you must know what questions might be asked—and how to answer them.


Here are some helpful tips for preparing for your following interview:

How to Prepare for Your Interview

1. Understand the Position

Employers want to gauge your knowledge of their company. You should clearly understand the position you are applying for and what your interviewer is looking for. Comb through the job description and pinpoint skills and requirements emphasized by the employer. What skills and requirements are they looking for? What abilities will you bring to the table? How can this company benefit from your expertise?

2. Research the Company

According to recent statistics, nearly half of job applicants will fail an interview due to their lack of company knowledge. If you don’t know anything about the company you’ll potentially be working for, then it’s time to do a little research. Even if you know a thing or two about the company, you’ll want to review the company’s mission, history, and values. Study them and be ready to talk about them with your interviewer.

3. Market Yourself

In an interview, you must sell yourself and your skill set. To prepare, you need to think like a marketer and set objectives for yourself. Recognize your skills and strengths, and develop a professional voice that will carry through the entire interviewing process. Doing so will create a clear, concise, and irresistible pitch. 

4. Prepare Your Questions

Preparation pays. You should not only review relevant, common interview questions before your interview, but also brainstorm questions to ask the interviewer. Be ready to tell the interviewer about yourself, past work experiences, and relevant skills. Interviewers want to see an engaged candidate, so jot down a list of questions to ask the interviewer before the interview concludes.


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