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The best companies win with the best talent. We solve complex workforce challenges by connecting both small and large enterprises to top IT professionals.

Our Story

The MBI story began 12 years ago, when the MBI CEO, Tom Wilson, began developing a business model built upon his own 25 years of IT Service Delivery and Leadership. The plan was simple in nature but backed by a commitment to face head on the many negative effects of a challenging job market, whereby many highly skilled, talented, people in the workforce were hit hard by forced furloughs, layoffs, and dwindling job opportunities.

Within 2 years, the MBI mission was fully realized, and a business model built upon a commitment to connect highly skilled expertise to client demand was well underway! Many years later, we continue to look ahead toward our bright future, while also maintaining a keen awareness and appreciation of our past. Today, MBI executes a vision supported by multiple IT divisions, business units, and global delivery capability. 

The Foundation: Commitment to Team = Commitment to Clients

Both MBI, and our clients, face the same challenge to create differentiation in the marketplace (versus our competitors). To achieve this end, we also know that we must find ever improving and enlightened delivery methodology and structure to ensure the highest quality of end user experience with our clients. At MBI, we know our greatest strength is the quality, skill set, and attitude of our team members. The MBI way is to always treat one another with a high level of mutual respect, appreciation, and kindness, and to aspire in all ways to ensure our team members

always sense the company commitment to helping our team members achieve their professional goals, as well as our many team goals. It has been proven time and time again, that our employee commitment to client success is directly proportionate to the MBI commitment to our own incredible team members, our clarity of purpose, team culture, and core values.

Thomas Wilson


MBI’s Survey Results:

MBI rated in the top 10th percentile for employee engagement among other employers

MBI is considered a High Performance organization, this means our employees are highly motivated. Our employees go the extra mile for their clients.

Trust, at MBI there is an atmosphere of trust. Responses here are relating to confidence in your supervisor and senior management demonstrate that there is trust and respect between our employees and their management team.
Accountability, at MBI we are held accountable for our performance. Your response reflects your commitment to deliver quality work and a high level of customer service. We have many talented employees who hold themselves to high standards, and you expect others to be held to those same high standards.
Empowerment/ Autonomy, at MBI people who turn ideas into action are rewarded. Appreciation is a fundamental human need. Employees who can take the abstract and put it in action should be recognized, and while it sounds like overall MBI is doing a good job in this area based on your response, we will continue to strive always show you that your work is valued. In the coming year we plan to improve on our rewards program and ensure we recognize not just how your contributions impact our client’s success, but how they contribute to MBI’s overall success as well.

Add Value to Your Business

With MBI, you can ensure that our team will remain focused on utilizing and enhancing technology to add value to your organization and manage effective implementations.